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Liquid Remix Besutan Team Ghost Kembali Hadir dengan update terbaru pada bulan mei ini khususnya bagi pengguna redmi 4 prada dan redmi 4x Santoni, apa saja update yang update pada bulan mei kali ini, chect it out.

Changelogs Liquid Remix Bulan Mei

[*]New may security update (OPM2.171019.029.B1)
[*]Rebased ROM from aosp with miniumal lineage
[*]New sliding tabs interface in liquid lounge
[*]New default liquid remix dark default wallapaper
[*]Updated default launcher to dark pixel launcher
[*]Disable bluetooth from enabled on first boot
[*]Added music tile to available quick settings
[*]Added theme color to available quick settings
[*]Added smart pixel to available quick settings
[*]Fixed xposed framework mods and zarchiver app
[*]Optimized scrolling performance and animation
[*]Fixed toast notification layout and color bug
[*]Fixed sim color picker in mobile sim settings
[*]Moved volume rocker options to sound settings
[*]New fruity pebbles themes in display settings
[*]New font options available in display settings
[*]Theme recents FAB and membar with active color
[*]New liquid information in about phone settings
[*]Per-app data and wifi restrictions in settings
[*]Added ROM changelog to about phone in settings
[*]Added smart pixels options to display settings
[*]Force pre-O apps to use full screen aspect ratio
[*]Added serveral system font types to font manager
[*]Moved ambient ticker options to display settings
[*]Fling reset and save to nav bar settings (lounge)
[*]Added hide items to lock screen settings (lounge)
[*]Added pulse lava lamp to nav bar settings (lounge)
[*]Night light default to medium brightness (display)
[*]Added toast icon to notification settings (lounge)
[*]Added icon pack support to recent settings (lounge)
[*]Moved hardware buttons to nav bar settings (lounge)
[*]Added hide indicator to lock screen settings (lounge)
[*]Added hide lock icon to lock screen settings (lounge)
[*]Added hide status bar to lock screen settings (lounge)
[*]Added wake and unlock to lock screen settings (lounge)
[*]Increased suspend actions delay to use minutes (lounge)
[*]Added 4G instead of LTE to status bar settings (lounge)
[*]Rearranged and organized liquid lounge settings (lounge)
[*]Cleaned up a lot of strings and grammar mistakes (lounge)
[*]Added disable data indicator to status bar settings (lounge)
[*]Added disable running services icon to quick settings (lounge)
[*]Added disable roaming indicator to status bar settings (lounge)
[*]Kernel Upstreamed to 3.18.109

Fastcharging kadang ga jalan dan perlu restart saya sarankan pake kernel lain
bila menemukan bug selain yang saya sebutkan di atas kalian bisa kontak langsung

Redmi 4/4X Santoni

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