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◾1800 icons
◾3200 themed activities
◾Fresh icon shape
◾Consistent updates and user support
◾Material Palette colors and gradients
◾Cloud based custom made QHD vector Wallpapers
◾256x256 vector based hand-crafted icons
◾Simple dark Icon Masking
◾Dynamic calendar support [Does not support samsung calendar]

Bored of circular icons? Try something new......
When your smartphone has an elongated display, shouldn't your icons be elongated?

Compliments your 18:9 ratio screens....

VertIcons is a rectangular material icon pack that loosely sticks to material design guidelines, tweaking them for a fresh user experience. In particular this icon pack avoids use of long shadow and makes extensive use of drop shadows and vivid colors.
Supports most major launchers like Nova Launcher, including many which are not included in the application menu like Microsoft Launcher.[LG stock launcher and Atom launcher are not supported]

For using alternate icons, long press the icon on your home screen and click edit [only available if your launcher supports it, eg. Nova launcher, OnePlus launcher]

Recommended Icon size settings: 125%- 140%. Looks great on 18:9 screen ratios

There is a trial version on playstore with the same name in case you want to try the theme before buying.

Thanks to Dani Mahardhika for creating Material Candybar Dashboard

Verticons Icon Pack


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