A-I-O Kernel Config Santoni

Set Max Big & Little Frequency to highest possible
Set Min Big & Little Frequency to Lowest Possible.
Use Alucard(1st Choice)/ Interactive governor.
Select CPU Governor Tunable (only for Alucard)
Set cpu_down_rate 1
       cpu_up_rate      2
frequency responsiveness 960000
dec_cpu_load 40
inc_cpu_load  70

Enable schedule workques on awake cpu, and disable touch boost. (It's a waste feature. And different from Input boost)

Enable Intelli Thermal, disable all other Options inside thermal.
Else Core Control only (if Intelli Thermal not present)
CPU throttle temperature to 60
Temperature limit to 50.

Core control:
Minimum CPU bug cores to 0
Busy down threshold to 60
Busy up to 80

Cycle Down 1
Cycle Up 1
Delay 400ms
Screen off Single CPU on

GPU max to Highest Possible.
GPU min to lowest possible.
Enable simple algo, Laziness to 1
Ramp Threshold to 6

Enable Adreno Idler
Idle wait to 20,
Workaround to 6

I/O Scheduler:
FIOPS(1st Choice)/ ZEN I/O scheduler in Internal & External.
Disable I/O stats, set rq affinity to 2.
Add Random off.
Read ahead to 2048 for Internal, 1024 for external.

LMK profile to Medium.
Disable adaptive lmk.

Virtual Memory:
256ZRAM if 2GB model, else 0.
Swappiness to 40
(Better use swap torpedo magisk module, instead of above tweak)

Disable Fsync
Disable Gentle fair sleeper.
Enable Arch Power.
Westwood as TCP Congestion Algorithm.

Different items will be unavailable for different Kernel, so check yourself.

This is For Balanced Performance & Battery. Highly Recommended for Gamer/NormalUser/VideoStreamer/etc/etc.

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