Saya sarankan bagi yang suka flash rom tapi kena encrypt bisa pake twrp orangefox khusus nya di rom santoni

Apa itu OrangeFox?
OrangeFox adalah recovery khusus yang selalu diperbarui dengan TWRP resmi terbaru, ditambah dengan serangkaian fitur tambahan yang luar biasa.
OrangeFox melindungi file Anda dari orang jahat. Perlindungan kata sandi membantu melindungi pemulihan Anda.
OrangeFox memiliki dukungan tambahan MIUI OTA inbuilt. Anda akan selalu mendapatkan pembaruan dengan sedikit usaha.
OrangeFox adalah recovery paling fungsional di dunia, dengan senter, patch bawaan, dan banyak lagi fitur untuk perangkat Anda.
OrangeFox gratis
OrangeFox adalah perangkat lunak gratis. Kami menggunakan lisensi GPL, dan semua sumber kami tersedia di halaman GitLab kami.
Kami selalu terbuka untuk komunitas. Anda dapat memperoleh dukungan dan meminta fitur di grup telegram kami.
OrangeFox dapat mendekripsi file dan data Anda untuk Anda. Anda tidak akan kehilangan file Anda.
Mudah dan sederhana untuk digunakan
Material Theme 2 kami cukup mudah digunakan. Nikmati!
OrangeFox memiliki banyak pengaturan penyesuaian.

OrangeFox Recovery
R9.0 Update is released

OrangeFox R9.0 changelog:
* Major UI redesign, new OrangeFox logo.
* Support for disabling auto-reboot after incremental MIUI OTA updates.
* Updated the flashlight section (support more devices).
* Updated the led section (support more devices).
* Leds are now used correctly.
* Added green led feature (for devices that support it).
* Updated notch mode - now statusbar settings for devices with a notch are hidden.
* Fixed bug when welcome text can't be translated.
* Fully rewrote all translations from scratch - by our Crowdin page (thank to all translators).
* Fixed problem with formatting MicroSD cards to FAT/vFAT.
* Improved MIUI detection.
* Improved Treble detection.
* Updated Magisk, Magisk Uninstaller to 18.1.
* Added support to patch DM-Verify in new devices.
* Updated mkbootimg / unpackbootimg.
* We drank coffee and tea.
* Added magiskboot as alternative (enable when building).
* Added feature "Prevent auto reboot after installing OTA".
* Fixes in MIUI OTA mechanism.
* Removed SuperSU, Cam2API.
* Extended info in console.
* Support give info after decryption.
* Fixed load settings with FBE.
* Support non-Xiaomi devices as well
* Added bash shell.
* Fixed issues relating to ramdisks compressed using lzma compression.
* Busybox xz and lzma replaced with stand-alone versions - better compatibility and speed.
* Support toolbox / toybox.
* AromaFM moved to "/sdcard/Fox/FoxFiles/".
* Copy recovery log to /sdcard/Fox/ directory before every reboot.
* Many bug fixes.

UI Changes:
* Remove dark background from statusbar.
* Updated "About" page.
* Moved the tabs to the bottom the page.
* Updated navbar icons for all colours.
* Updated accent navbar.
* Use pixel style navbar.
* Pixel style lockscreen; now lockscreen show time, cpu temp and battery info.
* Bug fixes in themes mechanism.
* Updated all pages of OrangeFox UI Center.
* Updated Square buttons style.
* Added setting for using Green led.
* Redesigned the MIUI OTA page, use float info button.
* Use new fload "Add to queue" button in install zip page.
* Moved debug settings on settings page.
* More space for partition selector on backup, install, restore pages.
* More space for timezones.
* Fixed corner on Install button when 'Square button style' is active on 18:9 devices.
* Fixed white line on navbar on 18:9 devices.
* Fixed slider dot placement on 18:9 devices.
* Fixed splash image on 18:9 devices.
* Changes on Vibration page (looks much better).
* Now the buttons in reboot page turn dark when you click on them.
* Redesigned splash image (Thanks to KMP Design).

- [riva, whyred, markw, beryllium]: Fixed and enabled flashlight
- [whyred]: support for F2FS
- [vince, kenzo, rosy]: updated kernel
- [beryllium]: FDE Fixed, notch mode, low screen brightness fixed, no lags, kernel updated
- [mido]: Updated blobs
- [tulip, markw, rolex, polaris, hermes, rosy, ysl,
kagura (Sony Xperia XZ), hannah (Motorola Moto e5+), pettyl (Motorola E5 Play GO) ]: Ready to be stable!
- [oxygen]: Drop official, now we will provide test-builds for it
- [platina, x00t, cheeseburger]: Test builds

// Thanks to @KingMinePlay, @kirillmaster4 for UI contributions
// If your device is not yet updated to R9.0, please wait for it.

untuk penginstallan cukup simpel cukup flash zip kaya rom biasa

yang mau coba silakan



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