Magisk Root Systemless Alpha Canary Build

Magisk Root Systemless Alpha Canary Build
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Magisk Root Systemless | Alpha - Canary Build

Maintainer By topjohnwu

Status Release 09/03/2019

Changelog Magisk:

* v18.2-a46e2557 (18115)
   - Much better zygote process scanning method
   - Some minor improvements

Changelog Magisk Manager:

* v7.0.0-a46e2557 (196)
   - Show canary channels directly in update channels if the
user is already using canary Magisk Manager builds


* How to get Magisk Alpha - Canary Build?

  1. Go to Magisk Manager
  2. Go to Settings > Update Settings > Update Channel > Select "Custom"
  3. Insert a custom URL:
  4. OK
  5. Done. Enjoy

* MagiskManager-v7.0.0-a46e2557.apk


* Source XDA Developers

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