Rockstar Kernel V6 Miui Redmi 4X 2019

Rockstar Kernel V6 Miui Redmi 4X 2019
Santoni Geek
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Rockstar v6 MIUI LAUNCH!!!!!

Status Release 20 April 2019
Maintainer @Dhruvgera

THE best performance and battery kernel for MIUI is here!!! Compiled with linaro!!! Don't forget to backup Stock kernel and flash lazyflasher!!!

Changelog V6 :
-Overclocked little cores to 1.38ghz
-Overclocked GPU to real 615mhz (earlier 620mhz was being read by the system as 600mhz,so if u notice any kernel giving 650mhz GPU, it's a fake)
-Added KLAPSE (No issues if a ROM has dead night light, klapse will do the job)
-Removed the forced online big cores, now u can switch them off as well!!!
-Added our beloved Adreno idler
-Added simple GPU algorithm
-Added dt2w (yep, it works now!!!)
-New TCP algorithms :
-More tunables
-Blu_active is back!
-Added electron governer
-Upstreamed to 3.18.138
-Unified treble and non treble builds! Also added fix for tingyi chen's encrypted ROMs fix in the kernel itself!

Rockstar v6 Miui Overclock

Rockstar v6 Miui Non Overclock


  1. kernel rockstar agar optimal/kompetibel pke rom apaan ya?
    1. rockstar lebih optimal di aosp menurutku
  2. utk redmi 4x miui 12 android 10 bsa??
    1. bisa bos
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