Rockstar Kernel V6 Miui Redmi 4X 2019

Rockstar v6 MIUI LAUNCH!!!!!

Status Release 20 April 2019
Maintainer @Dhruvgera

THE best performance and battery kernel for MIUI is here!!! Compiled with linaro!!! Don't forget to backup Stock kernel and flash lazyflasher!!!

Changelog V6 :
-Overclocked little cores to 1.38ghz
-Overclocked GPU to real 615mhz (earlier 620mhz was being read by the system as 600mhz,so if u notice any kernel giving 650mhz GPU, it's a fake)
-Added KLAPSE (No issues if a ROM has dead night light, klapse will do the job)
-Removed the forced online big cores, now u can switch them off as well!!!
-Added our beloved Adreno idler
-Added simple GPU algorithm
-Added dt2w (yep, it works now!!!)
-New TCP algorithms :
-More tunables
-Blu_active is back!
-Added electron governer
-Upstreamed to 3.18.138
-Unified treble and non treble builds! Also added fix for tingyi chen's encrypted ROMs fix in the kernel itself!

Rockstar v6 Miui Overclock

Rockstar v6 Miui Non Overclock

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