Magisk 19.2 Beta Mei Update 2019

Magisk 19.2 Magisk manager 7.2.0 uninstaller
Santoni Geek
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System requiretment
•Unlock bootloader
•TWRP installed

•Flash via TWRP>Reboot
•Install Magisk Manager.apk

Changelog for Magisk 19.2 Beta

-[General] Fix uninstaller
-[General] Fix bootloops on some devices with tmpfs mounting to /data
-[MagiskInit] Add Kirin hi6250 support
-[MagiskSU] Stop claiming device focus for su logging/notify if feasible
This fix issues with users locking Magisk Manager with app lock, and prevent
video apps get messed up when an app is requesting root in the background

Magisk Manager v7.2.0
– Huge UI overhaul
– More sweet changes coming in the future!

Magisk 19.2
Magisk Manager 7.2.0
Magisk Uninstaller

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