Miui Greeshan Redmi 4x


Updated translation
Updated AdAway to version 4.2.4
Updated Magisk to version 19.0
Updated MiDrop to version 1.26.0
Updated MiRemote to version
Updated Titanium Backup to version 8.3.3
Fixed incorrect display of network type in the status bar
Hidden screen settings added  [Settings - Screen - Accessibility]
Fixed date on clock and weather widget
SElinux in permissive mode by default
Fixed search in Themes
Font fixed in weather
Added Sunrise \ Sunset in the weather
Temporarily removed tabs fonts and ringtones in Themes
Disabled ads (recommendations) in MIUI applications by default
Activated setting to wake up the phone when picking up  [Settings - Screen]
Selecting the network speed update interval  [Settings - Notifications and statusbar]
Added advanced application management menu  [Settings - Advanced settings - Accessibility]
Enabling / disabling the search bar in contacts and calls (unload contacts for use)  [Contacts - Settings]
Setting the number of columns in the desktop folder  [Settings - Screen]
Enabling / Disabling Shadows of Desktop Icons  [Settings - Screen]
Enabling / Disabling Desktop Icon Signatures  [Settings - Screen]
Enable / disable icon signatures in the lower bar of the desktop  [Settings - Screen]
Turn on / off the reflection of icons in the lower bar of the desktop  [Settings - Screen]
Enable / disable automatic closing of folders on the desktop  [Settings - Screen]
The menu item for selecting a region is returned  [Settings - Advanced settings]
Hidden screen settings added  [Settings - Screen - Accessibility]

Miui Greeshan Redmi 4x

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