OnUI Pendro 1.5 Official Redmi 4x

OnUI-Pendro-1.5 for Redmi 4x [Santoni]

About OnUI-Pendro

OnUi-pendro-1.5 which is actually based on lineageOS , Pixel Experience & Aosp. Our aim is to push Samsung experience stuff and as well as some Oxygen os stuff in to all the Smart phones . So we really thank to all the Owners of Aosp , lineageOS & Pixel Experience for such a beautiful and standard code.


* initial build
*Maintained by bikram
* Based On R46
* August 2019 security patch
* linux version - 3.18.140
* Based on Dark phoenix Fade kernel
* devices sources based on Pixel Experience Trees
* Rom Based on LineageOS , Aosp & Pixel Experience ( I really thank to all of them for the standard code )
* vendor blobs used from latest Pie V10.3.1.0.PEIMIXM_9.0
* No need to flash gapps
* You people will receive ota updates weekly or twice per week or once per month ( for stability )

Bugs / unknown issues
*tell me in the comment


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