Android 10 source code released to AOSP

Android 10 source code released to AOSP
Santoni Geek
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Earlier today, Google released stable Android 10 to the Google Pixel family. Before it was called “Android 10,” we’ve been testing Android Q in developer builds for several months.

This update brings big features like a system-wide dark mode, full gesture navigation, revamped permissions, and more. Google has now released the Android 10 source code to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).The source code being released for a new Android version is a big deal. This will allow developers of custom ROMs to get started on bringing Android 10 to devices. It won’t take long for early builds of ROMs to start popping up in our forums (bugs? you tell me!).

Another thing to keep in mind is Project Treble. This has allowed builds of Android Q to be made available for more devices. Developer previews used to be reserved for Pixel/Nexus devices, but now we see them for more devices. So getting stable Android 10 should be easier than ever now that the source code has been released.

To take a look at Android 10’s source code, you can visit the Android Open Source Project. The source is currently in the process of being updated. When it’s fully available in all branches, you will see the “android-10.0.0_r1” tag.Source: Android Open Source Project
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