Aosip Derpfest Unofficial Redmi 4x

Android Open Source illusion Project (AOSiP)

Rom status Unofficial | Derpfest | Nontreble
Rom build2 September 2019
Android version Pie | 9.0
Mainatiner @Bikram_M

• Fixed Google Markup FC when using it along with Longshot
• Granted more permissions for Google Apps
• Disabled wallpaper-based tint for scrim
• Added capability to allow tethering to use VPN upstreams
• Don't vibrate when in silent mode
• ConnectivityService: Kill some log spam
• ActivityManagerService: dont be so hectic on cpu battery stats
• core: Update default material popup animations
• core: ViewRootImpl: Stop the 'requestLayout() improperly called' logspam
• NavigationBarView: Always add shadow on home button on some cases
• core: Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization
• Network Traffic: Update traffic arrow icon
• SystemUI: Tiny expanding improvement
• Less boring heads up option: always show alarm clock headsup
• Open app when clicking on icon in App Info
• Substratum: enable FORCE_AUTHORIZE_SUBSTRATUM_PACKAGES by default
• settings: move wifi mac randomization to wifi settings


Mi sound enhancer fc

NON-GAPPS Aosip Derpfest Unofficial Redmi 4x NO GAPPS

WITH GAPPS Aosip Derpfest Unofficial Redmi 4x GAPPS

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