Clarity 3.18.140-nontreble Kernel with auto cut Charger Feature

Clarity with auto cut Charger Feature
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Clarity Kernel
For Pie Non-Treble Only

Build: 9 September 2019
Maintainer @rainforce

* Latest Update to Google kernel common 3.18
* Cut charging when battery capacity at 100 (Full)
* Kcal colour control
* Tcp Westwood + Veno (Cubic as default)

* Don't use any app that can cut battery charging, ie: Battery Charge limit, this kernel already implement Autocut charger, if you still using that app, it will conflict with this kernel.

GDrive Clarity 3.18.140-nontreble


  1. Support havoc os ga? Soalnya saya pernah pasang clarity di havoc langsung bl
    1. Support
  2. Support, kemaren install di havoc os 2.9
  3. Support di PE gk?
    1. support PE non treble
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