Pixel Experience Plus Unofficial Redmi 4x internal Sound Supported


UNOFFICIAL | Plus Edition | Nontreble
Rom Build23 August 2019
Android version PIE | 9.0
Maintainer @Bikram_m



   * device/custom/sepolicy/
d252f9a Revert "sepolicy: Add pocket judge selinux policy"
b4ee963 Revert "sepolicy: Add selinux policy for pocket bridge"

   * frameworks/av/
b9ec6a5 audiopolicy: Fixes for internal audio recording

   * frameworks/base/
c2c8e2f fwb: Port extended screenshot function from OOS
2383423 fwb: Add support for internal audio recording
aef48dc SystemUI: Allow user to add/remove QS with one click
12bae41 SystemUI: Disable wellbeing grayscale tile if reading mode available
edd5e98 LiveDisplayTile: Remove tile if unavailable
a233507 OverlayUtils: Update overlays
c6cf1eb Automatic translation import
42e3275 LiveDisplayTile: Refresh state after livedisplay initialization
f793942 LiveDisplayTile: Enable for outdoor mode and skip night display on HWC2
82e004d LiveDisplayService: Notify SystemUI after initialization finished
ed0027f LiveDisplayManager: Perform null check in getConfig()
81055a8 OutdoorModeController: Unconditionally enable auto mode on HWC2
6550272 OutdoorModeController: Advertise MODE_AUTO
d6dcff9 LiveDisplayService: Properly disable ColorTemperature
177912f framework: Separate strings from normal base
6e67dea LiveDisplayService: Disable ColorTemperature when NightDisplay is available
1389ad5 LiveDisplayTile: Report unavailable on HWC2
db43841 Revert "NightDisplayController: report unavailable if livedisplay feature is present"
13e9a43 LiveDisplay: Change night/day mode transition behavior
230b669 SystemUI: Add reading mode tile
b8c1ca4 SystemUI: Add LiveDisplay tile
37be839 Introduce LiveDisplay from Lineage
ea11933 base: Redo expanded volume panel for 9.x
d49681a Theme system alert dialog
d1e5844 Declare CustomThemeDeviceDefaultDialogAlert
33d3a40 Fix font on language picker part
627283a Separate custom fonts from material theme [2/2]
e08f45e Use headline font on battery percentage
f05c050 SystemUI: Fix clock icon blacklist handling
6652fad Use headline font in preference title
b85f841 systemui: use headline font for carrier label
79c1d49 base: Use headline font in notification texts
1da1bcd SystemUI: Use headline font in various parts
95bd52b SwipeToScreenshot: Import MIUI implementation
49844b0 Add swipe-to-screenshot gesture
2f76fed base: allow disable of screenshot shutter sound
8fbd8b1 Add VoLTE icon and switch on tuner
e48c735 SystemUI: Remove battery pref from tuner
7686c7b SystemUI: Add Sync tile
dd8801b Whitelist default dialer app for heads up
7874c39 SystemUI: Add heads up tile and fix on ambient display
c057c13 SystemUI: Add caffeine qs tile
4eb40a1 [1/2] base: allow disabling quick settings on secure lock screens
e647c43 Network traffic: fix static color usage
c9540a7 [1/2] NetworkTraffic: Rework
7b99a14 Add network traffic monitor properly to statusbar icons
3041691 NetworkTraffic: filter VPN traffic
0fca22b NetworkTraffic: Add hide notch handling
ecb0358 SystemUI: Network Traffic [1/2]
503412d SystemUI: Add CustomStatusBarItem and CustomStatusBarItemHolder
052e012 SystemUI: Show 4G instead of LTE switch
9eb41ea SystemUI: Bringup tuner statusbar changes
5414de1 TunerServiceImpl: Blacklist Settings.System from tuner reset
a7fa027 SystemUI: Add tuner interface to StatusBarSignalPolicy
60b8350 SystemUI: tuner: Allow Tuner API for System settings
e9da413 Base: Hide power menu on secure lockscreen [1/2]
3f1fb2c PhoneWindowManager: Allow torch and track skip during ambient display
9400177 Long-press power while display is off for torch
527b8f8 fwb: Implement long press volume button skip/prev
33f0d37 Implement volume wake
61800ea Prevent NFE in SystemUI when parsing invalid int
7631fb8 SystemUI: Add switch for inverted navbar
116e01b base: Allow to disable Lockscreen Media Art [1/2]
bac6174 SystemUI: add double tap to sleep gesture
9f1e0fb SystemUI: add quick settings pull down with one finger
b9e5960 Fingerprint authentication vibration [1/2]
e04703e fwb: Incall vibration options [1/3]
28af6e7b fwb: [1/2] Implement cutout force full screen
942947f fwb: Add hide notch support [1/3]
e9c95f4 ThermalController: Send out active package broadcast only if allowed
d51105a Implement per-app thermal control [2/3]
9039538 framework: Implement advanced restart
615394b Add FaceLock dark theme [2/2]
b78eba0 Add black theme support [3/3]
13b6cbf [2/2] Introduce overlays for DocumentsUI and ota app
51fc48c fwb: Changes for custom accents
1ff437a Enable overlay for SettingsIntelligence
bde4f4b Expose autofill background color
40f848c Themes: Allow Permission Icons to be fully themed
59178fc Separate global actions theme from qs
ec25a03 Expose two target preference divider color
953230e Expose toast colors for themes
8395bee Expose autofill save dialog text color
b15d12e Fix autofill save dialog
d1e29b3 Allow Immersive cling colors to be fully themed
3a6a254 Themes: Allow Resolver List BG to be fully themed
2303314 Make resolver list fully themeable
4f873a3 Themes: Expose resolver hardcoded colors
ecd538c Unload old SystemUI dark overlay
aa59994 SystemUI: Change dark theme overlays
24c9119 StatusBar: Set night mode on theme changed
9027bff Add keylayout for Xbox One USB controller
8e5ab4f Keylayout for xbox controllers
d5981c6 Added mapping files for DualShock3 and DualShock4
51cfa64 Fallback BUTTON_MODE to HOME
f2922e6 Remap PS key to BUTTON_MODE
5ac940b SystemUI: Disable DARK_THEME_IN_NIGHT_MODE
d80242d Crash app on foreground service notification error.
849548c Set default VR_MODE based on VR feature support
c068b70 FODCircleView: Fix position if cutout is hidden
08aef3c SystemUI: Update keyguard indication margin when fod is in use
d780930 AmbientPlay: Keyguard: Add specific notification count configuration
baa8cb6 Initial support for in-display fingerprint sensors
308ca58 Automatic translation import
a623d07 fwb: Remove multi user configuration from overlays

   * manifest/
c56f7e9 Update sync instructions
21003db Track Longshot
435279e Track Recorder
f3094cf Changes for plus branch
1354c5e Track BuiltInPrintService
fbf1218 Stop tracking PackageInstaller
e65a7fa Stop tracking frameworks/opt/net/voip

   * packages/apps/Longshot/
3886633 Import modded Longshot app

   * packages/apps/Recorder/
de4f475 Switch to prebuilt
44e1cd6 Add app/release to .gitignore
c70d94d Bump version
e1c6e84 Update icon

   * packages/apps/Settings/
4ba328b Ambient play: Use colorBackgroundFloating on history entry
4acb473 Automatic translation import
fb34584 Separate strings from normal base
1083330 Settings: Change fonts
03df17d LiveDisplaySettings: Hide automatic outdoor mode preference on HWC2
e66cda4 LiveDisplaySettings: Reenable display mode preference for outdoor mode
2cb4218 Settings: Don't index display mode and color temperature on HWC2
ae03d6b Settings: Don't show display mode and color temperature on HWC2
e91303a Revert "Settings: Hide Night Mode suggestion if LiveDisplay feature is present"
7336988 LiveDisplay: Add illustration into picture and color adjustment
dc9e22f Settings: Changes for LiveDisplay
a1041e4 Add Swipe to screenshot preference
7a3e0d0 Add switch for screenshot shutter sound
dc8e841 [2/2] NetworkTraffic: Rework
d505905 StatusBarSettings: Hide network traffic settings if device has big notch
0c9888f Add statusbar settings
6e3e184 ButtonSettings: Add more functions
3a142ac Settings: Always show button settings
7e5f32e Settings: Allow to disable Lockscreen Media Art [2/2]
2af9bed Settings: Add double tap to sleep
2ea7174 Fingerprint authentication vibration [2/2]
c177ef7 Settings: Incall vibration option [3/3]
37f1f34 Settings: [2/2] Implement cutout force full screen
3c376e2 Add black theme support [1/3]
da780a0 ThemePreferenceController: Refactor for accent picker
eed3b8c Settings: Add hide notch support [3/3]
c8fe701 Implement per-app thermal control [1/3]
16271e6 Settings: Add advanced restart switch
14ec771 Settings: Use accent color on storage bar
c3f2273 Use custom_accent_color on switch bar background
54eabae Settings: Always use Pixel color on drawable
1485cad Don't hardcode eject sdcard icon color
cc893ef Settings: fix eject sdcard icon color
5836435 Themes: Expose suggestion and condition cards
aa41c0c Update search bar style on dark theme
cbfdd01 Themes: Convert sync icons to vector so they theme correctly
aff3e6a Themes: make sure settings shortcut icons follow system accent
dd65fee Power detail pages: Finish off the rest of the icon tinting
eafc45b Settings: fix icon tinting in power detail pages
df99e68 StorageSummaryPreference: Nuke hardcoded color
7ed9182 Themes: Settings: Fix theming  zoom preview timestamp text color
9fb78a1 Fix BT pairing dialog DarkUI theme issue
ff273a5 Settings: Plus version
8991421 AmbientPlayHistoryDialogEntry: Change "Song - Artist" to "Artist - Song"
526b43f AmbientPlay: Use headline font on some parts
51bab28 Automatic translation import
2b233de Multi user: Conditionally allow only user name and profile photo editing

   * vendor/aosp/
3f1bd71 vendor: Build Recorder app
72a5b15 vendor: Build Longshot app
80ddb24 config: Use tether automatic upstream selection
7d9b159 vendor: Changes for plus branch

*Mi Sound enhancer force closed
*Let me know in the comment

Pixel Experience Plus Unofficial Redmi 4x internal Sound Supported

2 Responses to "Pixel Experience Plus Unofficial Redmi 4x internal Sound Supported"

  1. WiFi nya kok gak bisa bg pnya saya? Tersambung to tidak ada internet

    1. Wifi nya isolated kali, di ane normal aja, bisa cek video nya di channel and gan


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