Carbon Rom 7 Opal Unofficial Kernel 4.9.179-perf+

Carbon Rom 7 Opal Unofficial Kernel 4.9.179-perf+
Santoni Geek
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Carbon ROM - MSM-4.9

Rom Build 17/10/2019
Android version 9 Nontreble
Maintainer @rainforce279


Clean flash Required.

- revert QMI blobs to LA.UM.7.6.2.r1-03800-89xx.0
- back to SDM blobs to LA.UM.7.5.r1-03700-8x96.0
- update revision audio/display/media HAL to LA.UM.7.6.r1-04100-89xx.0
- rebased kernel to latest source by nichcream with few adaptation for santoni
- generated thermal-engine config for kernel 4.9.179-perf+
- set default compression zram to LZ4
- update f2fs flag
- other changes

Recomended: Opengapps Nano - Magisk v20

- all credits goes to Nichcream
- Please, If you want support or donate just go to nichcream and don't to me.
- please don't put any link that purpose to donate, because i'm @Rainforce279 not deserve or not taking any credits in here.
- report with proper logs if facing issue - reporting issue without log will be ignored.

Google Drive Carbon Rom 7 Opal Unofficial Kernel 4.9.179-perf+
(Broken - File Deleted By Its Owner)


  1. Please suggest me a best ROM as fully functional without bugs if any for my Redmi 4 santoni.

    1. carbon kernel 4.9 mei build
  2. link broken
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