zRAM/SWAP Manager Magisk Module

zRAM/SWAP Manager
A simple module that enables or disables zRam. Using zRam can increase performance by avoiding disk paging and instead using a compressed block device in the physical RAM.

•A basic explanantion of zRAM•
zRAM compresses an actual block of RAM in order to have more RAM available to the system
If you make the compression too high with zRAM then your device will actually go slower as a result.
zRAM also requires the CPU to compress and decompress the data = Higher Power Consumption

Without ZRAM:
+ CPU Performance | + Battery | RAM
With ZRAM: (beyond 512MB)
CPU Performance |-Battery | + RAM

• Unity template update 4.4
• Bug fixes

Also thanks to
Unity template & Keycheck Method by @ahrion & @Zackptg5
Magisk by @topjohnwu

installation via module magisk manager

zRAM/SWAP Manager

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