Corvus 6.0 Treble Redmi 4x

Corvus OS 6.0 Treble
Rom release 10 June 2020
Android version Android 10
Maintainer @zhantech


- June security patch
- Added hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams
- Added volume steps
- Added back RGB accents
- Added some more lockstyles
- Added Clear theme
- Added support for pressed fod layer
- Fixed google sans not applying
- Improvements in QS data usage
- Fixed Call Recording in Stock Dialer
- Other fixes and improvements
- Change kernel to 4.9 (Game Over 0.5)


• Mi Sound Enhancer not working
• IR not working
•Youtube vanced cannot upload

• You must clean flash the ROM because this ROM is based on kernel 4.9
• Recommended GApps are BiTGApps
• If there is a fingerprint issue, you only need to restore persist via TWRP

• Thanks to @Bikram_M for tree and helping
• Thanks to @Sid_key for kernel
• Thanks to @Bagaskara815, @Wikidepia, @akusoftboy for helping
• Thanks to @Kry9toN for server and helping
• Thanks to All Nangis for Anu



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