Kernel 4.9 for Android Q Game Over Stormbreaker

Santoni Geek
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Game_Over 1.0 Stormbreaker Project kernel

Kernel for Android Q

- Tell me

- ZSTD as default zRAM compression
- TTL Target Support
- TCP BBR + FQ_codel
- 60 fps gcam should be supported
- Cortex A53, arm-v8a optimizations
- LTO optimizations (Not on GCC10)
- Polly optimizations for polly version
- KudProject lineage-master (CAF Q + Google) as base
- Blu_schedutil(You should enable it to get more bb)
- exFAT
- VDSO32
- DT2W
- Vibration Adjutisment
- Autocut
- Kernel compiled by Proton Clang 12 and one special version by GCC 10 for battery backup lovers

- 4.9.232
- CAF TAG LA.UM.8.6.2.r1-08100-89xx.0
- Deep Sleep fixed
- Offline charging led works fine now
- Some optimizations
- F2FS Upstream
- F2FS Rapid GC
- RCU backports

- At first boot deep sleep could work strange for F2FS users
- About kernels: Treble - Non Treble

Normal version for normal usage, compiled by Proton Clang 12

Polly version for gaming, compiled by Proton Clang 12 with Polly optimizations

GCC 10 version for battery backup lovers

GCC10 >= Normal > Polly
GCC10 <= Normal < Polly


  1. Sir really a great work I have been searching for a custom kernel for q many months any how I have found of sir really want tobsay I'm one word the kernel is awesome sir please keep updating it regularly sir
    1. thanks for your visit
  2. Link not working bro please update
    1. are you joking? link still working bro
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