Magisk v21 Magisk Manager v8.0.1 Update

Magisk Changelog v21.0

• [General] Support Android 11
• [General] Add Safe Mode detection. Disable all modules when the device is booting into Safe Mode.
• [General] Increase post-fs-data mode timeout from 10 seconds to 40 seconds
• [MagiskInit] Rewritten 2SI support from scratch
• [MagiskInit] Support when no /sbin folder exists (Android 11)
• [MagiskInit] Dump fstab from device-tree to rootfs and force init to use it for 2SI devices
• [MagiskInit] Strip out AVB for 2SI as it may cause bootloop
• [Modules] Rewritten module mounting logic from scratch
• [MagiskSU] For Android 8.0+, a completely new policy setup is used. This reduces compromises in Android’s sandbox, providing more policy isolation and better security for root users.
• [MagiskSU] Isolated mount namespace will now first inherit from parent process, then isolate itself from the world
• [MagiskSU] Update communication protocol with Magisk Manager to work with the hardened SELinux setup
• [MagiskPolicy] Optimize match all rules. This will significantly reduce policy binary size and save memory and improve general kernel performance.
• [MagiskPolicy] Support declaring new types and attributes
• [MagiskPolicy] Make policy statement closer to stock *.te format. Please check updated documentation or magiskpolicy --help for more details.
• [MagiskBoot] Support compressed extra blobs [MagiskBoot] Pad boot images to original size with zeros
• [MagiskHide] Manipulate additional vendor properties

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