ConquerOS 4.3 Raven Official Redmi 4x

Santoni Geek
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ConquerOS 4.3 Raven

Rom status Official
Rom relrased18 June 2021
Android version 11
Maintainer @username502


Bumped to 4.3
May Security Patch
Source Upstream
Full changelog

Device Changelog:

User builds
SELinux Enforcing
Disable ZSL mode
Redefine slow and fast charging threshold
Add back spectrum support and fps info
Updated dalvik values for RAM spesific
Fixed night light
Use QTI BT stack
Address More Denials
Nuked Dolby audio
Optimized native executables for Cortex-A53 CPU
Fixed Media/Video won't played
Disabled Vsync For better framrates
Enabled IORap app launch prefetching

Bugs :
Vibration dead
sometimes charging stuck around 50%


Not include GApps

Thanks to @gioaprilino @iamnabilzaman for testing

Channel & Group:
@ConquerOSUpdates @conqueroschat

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