Magisk v23 Magisk Manager v23

Magisk Changelog v23

  • [App] Update snet extension. This fixes SafetyNet API errors.
  • [App] Fix a bug in the stub app that causes APK installation to fail
  • [App] Hide annoying errors in logs when hidden as stub
  • [App] Fix issues when patching ODIN tar files when the app is hidden
  • [General] Remove all pre Android 5.0 support
  • [General] Update BusyBox to use proper libc
  • [General] Fix C++ undefined behaviors
  • [General] Several sepolicy.rule copy/installation fixes
  • [MagiskPolicy] Remove unnecessary sepolicy rules
  • [MagiskHide] Update package and process name validation logic
  • [MagiskHide] Some changes that prevents zygote deadlock


  • Magisk v23 only supports Android 5.0 and higher


  • Flash Magisk via TWRP


  • Flash Magisk via TWRP


  • Magisk
  • Magisk Manager v23.apk
  • Magisk
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